Reunification Counseling

Reunification Counseling is an appropriate intervention when, as a result of a contentious separation or divorce, one or more children has not seen a parent for an extended time frame. This can occur for several different reasons: The child may get caught up in the conflict between the parents and feel that they have to take a side; the court may intervene and limit or deny parenting time to a parent; the parent created the separation on their own.

Reunification counseling seeks to provide a safe and healthy re-entry of the parent into the child’s life. To be successful it requires the support of all the child’s family members on both sides. It may also involve the integration of other treatment team members, including the child’s therapist, pediatrician or Guardian ad Litem.

Reunification Counseling:

  • Requires a court order compelling the service
  • Is funded through a retainer, and is not billable to insurance
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