“Failure to Launch” Kids

Young adults sometimes struggle in the transition from adolescence to adulthood, finding themselves without direction or motivation to move forward. They can experience an absence of purpose and flounder within the familiar confines of their parents home, stuck in unproductive cycles of behavior. Such kids often present as depressed, anxious or agitated.

Intervention for these young persons is challenging. They can find if difficult to successfully engage in therapy, in part because they have become more comfortable than is healthy for them. They find themselves stuck in a rut.

As parents we are in a unique position to help our children struggling with these challenges. If you are the parent of a “Failure to Launch” child, we will work with you to help dislodge them from their unhealthy behavioral patterns and improve their mental health. We will partner with you to identify healthy lifestyle for your child and help you move them in that direction, as only a parent can.

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