Men’s Issues

Men’s Issues
Men often find it difficult to take the first step toward therapy. They may define asking for help as a sign of weakness, or may be uncomfortable with the idea of talking about their feelings in such an intimate way. We can help.

Men often find it difficult to find their way to therapy. Society has limited us to the display of essentially two emotions: Happiness and Anger. All other emotions tend to be subjugated into one of those two feelings, but most often anger. This can lead to a serious internal struggle in men that prevents them from identifying what they are struggling with.

Jude provides a comfortable and non-judgmental atmosphere where men can relax and be themselves. There is no expectation of behavior, men can be who they are. Jude can help other men address the issues of parenthood, emotional intimacy within relationships, dealing with emotions openly and accepting ourselves as emotional beings, especially when we don’t feel the freedom to show it.

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