Phone Consultation

Phone Consultation
Phone consultation for parent coaching is very effective and highly flexible, much more flexible than traditional coaching sessions that are in the office face to face. When time is pre-purchased it can be dispensed in more user-friendly chunks than the traditional clinical hour. This allows for check ins, updates, tweaking the behavioral plan, etc. In addition, conference calling allows for the work to be done even when one parent is traveling for work or otherwise not in the home.

Phone Consultation offers you:

  • Ease of scheduling
  • More effective use of purchased time
  • Consultation in the comfort of your own home

While many people still prefer face to face consultation because it sometimes allows insurance to be billed, this may not be the cost saving move we think it is. When you consider everything that is required to get two parents into the same room on a weekday: coordination of schedules, gas to drive to the appointment, babysitter, and the value of your own time – you may find that the difference between the price of an out of pocket session and one billable to insurance has dwindled significantly. Remember that many insurance plans have sizable copays and deductibles to meet and that.

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